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  1. Hey Larry - it's my understanding that this error relates to the location of my web root directory? Thanks An error occurred in script '/Users/saphiakharaz/Sites/html/add_pdf.php' on line 37:move_uploaded_file(/~saphiakharaz/ecom1/html/pdfs/d19915d2209b4ead4a9cfc8cf246f7bc458dd8365d39f7e0081947.22694525_tmp): failed to open stream: No such file or directory
  2. Regret asking this question, but if anyone wants the answer, I had to use now() in a context that would render an acceptable value. For me this was in combination with interval: (NOW() + INTERVAL 1 DAY)) .. etc. Converted seconds (?) to days.
  3. Hey Larry - Great book, appreciate your thoroughness, will read your other PHP books. I'm stuck in Chapter 5, using the SQL.sql download file to insert pages into MySQL. I keep receiving error 1292 regarding the "NOW()+100000" portion of the query. Below, "NOW()+100000" resolves to an integer, but is it merely unformatted? ERROR 1292 (22007): Incorrect datetime value: '20190710504258' for column 'date_created' at row 2
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