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  1. In Chapter 5, under the section for Inserting Records, there is a sentence that starts, " Note that if a coxlumn cannot have a NULL". I believe the word "coxlumn" is misspelled. I did not find that noted in any forum for the book.
  2. Hi, I'm working my way through the book, enjoying it very much! Thank you! Quick question - I cannot see the top of the page for exercise 3.5, and all attempts to add padding via CSS are not working for me. I've attached a screen shot so the issue can be seen. Any advice would be appreciated. Thanks! Sincerely, Russ Conte index.php header.html
  3. In the chapter 2 review, the first question is: What is the significance of a form’s attribute? Of its attribute? If I'm understanding the question correctly, the "Of its attribute?" clause has at least two corrections. One is that it is repetitive and not needed, the second is that "its" should be possessive, "it's" if the clause is supposed to be there. I believe the correct question should be, "What is the significance of a form’s attribute?"
  4. I'll list typos as I find them, if I don't see them on the forums. I believe the words "the and" should be deleted from the last line below. This is in the text around Script 2.1 and I'm using the e-book edition of the Fifth Edition: 3. Begin the HTML form: <fieldset><legend>Enter your information in the form below:</legend> I’m using the and HTML tags because they group the form elements nicely (they add a box around the form with a title at the top). This isn’t pertinent to the form itself, though.
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