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  1. Hi Thomas I was going to ask you about the annotations. That is pretty impressive. I have only just started with REST as a subject and I am of course doing it in my trusty Yii2. http://www.yiiframework.com/doc-2.0/guide-rest-quick-start.html I decided in the end to build on a separate domain, mainly to keep everything separate and start small and incremental in REST terms. Although I do see the drawbacks of having to duplicate at least aspects of the actual domain. There isn't a huge amount to my app really, more so pulling data that is easily provided naturally in Yii and a few other custom functions.
  2. On a related note. I found a good app called PostMan that's a Chrome plugin. It's quite good, so thought it might be of use to others. I also decided to just build the REST application on a separate domain.
  3. Thanks Larry, I had been using the second link I think. But will take a look at others too.
  4. Hi Larry How would I organise my folders for a rest application. It's more so that I'll have an existing website and then want to make an app version of it or provide some functionality through an app. So I'm taking that I would need to create rest controllers to do the work that my websites controllers currently do? But then I wasn't really sure what else? Is it better to just build the app controllers as its own website so to speak on a different domain?
  5. A quick question for Git aficionados. I used git very briefly a year ago or more. And I am starting to use it again. Or more so trying to. But I keep seem to be getting errors about the head and refs. I can't remember the exact error and I'm on my phone not computer. Am I meant to be pulling everything from my repository onto to my Mac each time I want to develop or is it ok I do what I had been doing a long time ago that doesn't seem to work now which was upload my whole contents to my repositary, do some local work. Commit more changes?
  6. You should generate the link with CHtml::link(). Check the docs for the exact arguments but it's something like: CHtml::link('My Link', array('controller/update', 'id' => $id) ). Something like that.
  7. Indeed, new .pub site is very nice too. Surely time for a little break after v1 is finished i'd hope.
  8. Thanks Larry I actually went with homebrew. Had some trouble with MySQL in the end, but got MariaDB up instead. So I'm happy. I wish i'd have understood about homebrew before. but better late than never is better! Thanks Jonathon
  9. Thanks Rob that is helpful. I do very much like the idea of Vagrant and I had got to a working environment pretty much, but losing the DB data or having the VM eat away at the RAM (I only have a mac air) was something I was concerned about.
  10. I do like MySQL, but I'm considering trying Maria because it does seem to be have better features currently. But I'm intrigued to see what isn't the same or breaks in comparison to MySQL. I'm very comfortable with that. https://mariadb.com/products/mariadb
  11. Jonathon

    Digital Ocean

    Just briefly Larry how did you configure your site and local environment for Git. Do you plan to rewrite any of your code with Hack? I've not looked at HHVM or how it works really. Other than it's a virtual machine. Warwick, I'm sure you could use a bash script to update your server automatically. However I can't definitely confirm that.
  12. Yes, I believe you're right on that front. Oracle did continue development on MySQL after it bought it. I have read up a fair bit on it and seemed better generally in performance and some features, but still being very very similar to MySQL and is useable with PHPMyAdmin etc. I am yet to install and use it yet.
  13. I am back regarding this. I have a few questions for mac people. I have a working environment. There are a couple of things that are missing so to speak, when I look at the yii requirements page. GD library support for PNG and Memcache, which I think were ok prior to upgrading to Yosemite. I like Vagrant, however I had a little trouble with permissions and working from inside vagrant ssh and my host machines files. One of the concerns for me was how could you ensure the stability of your DB. I did like that in XAMPP you could turn it on or off so it didn't use a load of resources. If I destroyed the vagrant environment, I would lose the data, tables and everything in there. I have heard of homebrew too and wonder about using that, it seems to be an easier?? way to install the software you want. Would that be right? It also seems more manageable in that everything ends up in your usr/local folder and can presumably be cleared out fairly easily too? I had quite the game installing/compiling mcyrpt. My environment is ok currently, but I would be interested to know people's experiences with both Vagrant and Homebrew and how easy / time consuming they were or any tricks. It's really not my forte. Thanks Jonathon
  14. Hi I was just wondering if anyone had used MariaDB as a replacement for MySQL and how they got on with it as a DB and installation etc. Jonathon
  15. Jonathon

    Digital Ocean

    Hi Warwick I've had mine for a while now and I'm very pleased with it as a whole and serverpilot has been great too. It set everything up for me and I've never touched it since. The guy who built it. I want to say his name is Justin was always very helpful when I had questions about servers in general. So yes in short. I also wouldn't worry about droplet size at all start at $5 a month. See how you get on. If it looks like its going to max out its a 2 minute fix. If that. I noticed that my memory was being used up more than I thought when I added in elasticsearch and I had to go for a bigger droplet. Hope that helps.
  16. Hi I got my first mac not long ago and set it up using the bundled Apache, I downloaded PHP to get the latest version and also Mysql. I also downloaded ElasticSearch and node.js. Everything was glorious. However when I upgraded to Yosemite it basically wrecked everything and it took me ages to get everything back working. So my question is Mac aficionados what are good set ups that are "resistant" to these kind of problems? Thanks Jonathon
  17. Jonathon

    Digital Ocean

    Yeah it's great. I have google mail for mine too. I use Mandrill for website emails. I use serverpilot to actually set up my existing environment which I found very helpful and quick. Especially when I'd never done anything on nix and was brand new to managed sites.
  18. Jonathon

    Digital Ocean

    I see from your tweets you've started Digital Ocean and feel the same as me. Mine was lightening quick, I was moving from shared hosting though so I wasn't too surprised. But mine is now running Yii, elastic search and other things and it's still really quick. Was a nice little into to nix systems too.
  19. Hi Larry Yes from what I understand and have seen SQLLite does seem to be the favoured approach. I guess I should start with that as there is probably more documentation available on implementing that rather than building a web service. Just thought I'd check rather than building the DB in the wrong engine. Thanks
  20. Hi Larry I've started to work with iOS and although I haven't got into database specifics yet I wondered about approaches for DB. I've always used MySQL, but would it be easier to implement into an iOS app an SQLite DB? I have done some reading around the topic but I wasn't sure. I should add that currently I plan a website first that I planned to be with MySQL and that would power my iOS app. Thanks Jonathon
  21. Thanks Larry, I think this will work. Jonathon
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