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  1. Addionally regarding DigitalOcean, I came across serverpilot.io. They are a CPanel for DigitalOcean in sorts, I might look to use them as well, as it appears to be a way to at least make sure my server is secure and up to date. The last major step I think I need after setting up the stacks that they do, and the securing that they do, is working out a mail client. I emailed them and they said rackspace email is what they recommend. It seems to be only $2 a month for a simple plan. I don't really know much else about servers and mail configs, not sure whether mailgun or mailchimp would be better or any use.
  2. I think I said to Larry at some point a couple of years ago, that I thought JavaScript would take over the web. I think it was when I was first reading about Rhino. That might not be true entirely, but I do hear really good things about Node.js in terms of what it can do, how quick it is and that you could share the same code front/back end.
  3. I will, I imagine you'd really like it . If only I was as proficient with javascript as you are.
  4. Thanks Thomas, You got to me too late I'm afraid, I had seen about homebrew. But there are so any options for software in general that I didn't know which way to go. In the end, I basically, did as I first suggested at the top + Larry's install of PHP. I've had to use the terminal quite a lot in the last couple of days. Seems to be up and running ok so far. I've got PHP + MySQL + Apache + Node. Haven't done anything with them, but they seem to be able to work together.
  5. Yeah I have done some reading since and asked some questions. I don't really want to pay nearly 10x what I pay for shared hosting so I can use ElasticSearch. But the fact it is all down to me, is a little concern. My hosting is nearly up anyway, so maybe I'll spend the $5/$10 with an old domain and see how I get on.
  6. I thought about just using dropbox tbh. Doesn't git cost money to use as well?
  7. Thanks Larry I've just been looking at Digital Ocean, are you moving from Servint after the migration debarkle? I was a little confused by digital ocean, are they VPS or Shared or what exactly?
  8. Hostgator don't on shared server. So either I upgrade to VPS or move hosts.
  9. Thanks Jonathan, For this line on the first link you sent me: Uncomment the following line (remove #): LoadModule php5_module libexec/apache2/libphp5.so is this needed to be done even if you are going to use the link Larry provided to download PHP?
  10. Thanks, I will look at this now. When working on two devices what do you feel are the best ways to manage files. I thought about using Dropbox to sync my files, so I could at least move them out of the drop box file and into my PC root.
  11. I just wanted some opinions for a non mac user, who just has now got an air. I believe PHP and Apache come with the Mac, i just need to turn them on so to speak and download MySQL + PHP MyAdmin I guess. Is that all there is to it, I remember a post by Larry some time ago saying he'd done away with all in one solutions like WAMP. Is that still the case Larry? I'd like to use Nginx as my server, but does it have benefits that far outway Apache in a development scenario? As I'm new to the whole OS X set up, I would like the simplest solution, which won't involve me downloading reams of things and deleting them and having complex configs etc. Thanks
  12. I think I figured it out, just use AR and in the $params['body'] assign the correct value not the FK to the arrary.
  13. Hi Larry When working with data that has foreign keys. For instance, maybe you have an item table and your location_id field is a fk so an integer and that relates to a location table where that integer has an actual value like London. What would be the best way to get human readable data returned through search? Thanks Jonathon
  14. Hi Larry, I've just been using Marvel, it was painless to be honest, took 2 minutes to get sorted. But at least this thread might save you some questions from the chapter. So far yes it's been very helpful, I've just got into the performing search with part. One thing I wanted to clarify is when you go live with this, do you need additional Java things to get it to work? I know nothing really about Java in terms of application work. I'm just wondering if my hosting will support whatever (if anything) is needed to run elasticsearch.
  15. You have to download Marvel from ES and run sense from within. It does say free as developer, but not sure how licensing or costs are involved going forward.
  16. Hi Larry, I couldn't find the sense extension in the chrome store. Although i'm not sure it looks to be moved into ElasticSearch's Marvel. But that seems to be a series of other tools? Jonathon
  17. Hi Edward I used EphpThumb just to generate thumbs. That's the only need I had really, but I used it to keep ratios and the like. I used Larry's example for actual file uploads also.
  18. What settings did you use for the 3 folders with write permissions and the others that only needed read out of curiosity.
  19. Mine are set to 755 for every folder by default on my server. But I am looking to update these to make sure they are safe. Looking at the article I wasn't actually sure what the writeable folders and the rest (read only from the webserver) permissions should be.
  20. I'm similar, I'll have to go and check because I did change a few and it broke.
  21. http://www.yiiframework.com/wiki/275/how-to-write-secure-yii-applications/#hh18
  22. No, I just passed the token through the ajax request. But if you have loads, it's probably quicker to use "nocsrf" in config
  23. CSRF is disabled by default in 1.1x though. So it would be providing additional code for something that is optional. It is enabled in 2.0 by default though.
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