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  1. hello all i am building a small forum website for kids to discuss their school work etc. As this website will be assess by my prospect employer for a job as a entry level web application developer. using part of your script use in chapter 09. But the error am having when i tried to display the username of the user who just login from the session it 's not showing am not getting any error showing but the username just not showing. thanks in advance. here's the login script: <?php // login.php if (isset($_POST['submitted'])) { require_once ('includes/login_functions.inc.php'); requ
  2. hello, Going through the example application "my site of quotes" in the book. while testing the application i experience a problem when i add a new quote on the add_quote.php page. the quote is added to the database but this is the error message i got: Fatal error: Cannot redeclare is_administrator() (previously declared in C:\wamp\www\includes\functions.php:7) in C:\wamp\www\includes\functions.php on line 16 here the add_quote page code: <?php // Define a page title and include the header: define('TITLE', 'Add a Quote'); include('templates/header.html'); print '<h2>
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