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Found 11 results

  1. Hi Larry: I am using your book "Effortless E-commerce with php and mysql 2nd edition" to create a subscription website. When using your example 1 scripts, everything worked fine except that the database was not updating. The log was showing a 400 - Bad request error.The reason I found in one of your forums was a change in paypal's IPN script requirements, however the solution mentioned there is no more valid as paypal has made further changes to the scripts. It is now a completely different script which is very different from the one used in your example. I have tried everything but its no
  2. Hi Larry, I really love reading your books and I learned a lot from them. Right now i'm having problems in logging using the test buyer accounts in the part Testing Accounts Paypal. I was able to create them in sandbox and then i register in the knowledge is power site then click the paypal button shown on the registration page. However when i tried to login using the test accounts it says Please check your email address and password and try again. I'm wonderin what went wrong, coz i followed all the steps. Thanks in advance! Jan
  3. I thought I would post this in case it benefited others. Problem: I tried several times to create a PayPal button in the sandbox. Each time, the generated code did not contain any reference to the sandbox; it always generated code for a "live" site. This was even the case when I walked through the process on the phone with PayPal tech support. Naturally, then, there way no way to test the PayPal payment functionality and I got all sorts of errors. Root Cause: Not entirely sure, but it's something on the PayPal side when you go to create the button in the sandbox. Solution: I w
  4. I am trying to test a subscription purchase using the PayPal sandbox button as described in Chapter Six with no luck. I just spent an hour with PayPay tech support and they said that the problem is that my localhost is set to "live" and not "test" and therefore the PayPal button will not work with a sandbox. I'm using XAMPP on my MacBook Pro. Steps I've taken: - Created sandbox account - Logged into sandbox - Created button in sandbox (note: the button code does NOT contain any reference to "sandbox"; I expected that it would based on Chapter 6) - Pasted button HTML into
  5. Hi, I thought maybe someone on here would be able to provide me some information/help/advice/tips. I am currently coming to the end of completing my own business website. I am needing to take orders/payments via credit and debit cards. I will require to put a hold on an amount on someones credit card for up to 24 hours till the transaction has been confirmed. Once the confirmation has taken place then the move will leave the persons account and not before. Can this be done with Paypal Pro Advance Business account? If so, how can i sign up to an account if I am based in Den
  6. I noticed, a while back, that Larry had instituted only Stripe as his method of payment for the Yii book. Then, he added PayPal. Why? I'm wondering if Stripe can truly be the only offering for payment on my site. I'd rather not go the tedious PayPal or other payment gateway route. I would love to hear that Stripe can pull all the weight on its own. Lori
  7. Hi, Larry thanks for this nice book. I have used your book as a guideline and created a nice shopping cart utilizing YII framework. Am now at the checkout section where by I want to utilize cash, paypal and authorize.net. Basicaly this is what I want to happen. When the customer clicks on checkout link I take them to a page where they are able to view what they have shopped for. On the same page I present a form only to collect shipping address and in addition to this I have three radio buttons for them to select payment method. The cash one I don't have a problem with it but on the paypal an
  8. I am interested in incorporating a 15 or 30 day FREE trial period, however am having difficulties completing the task. I am in the education field and have very limited knowledge/skills regarding php/mySQL and thanks to Larry's approach I have made it further than I expected. Basically after users register and are presented with the Paypal, they must login via Payapl and agree to the monthly subscription, however the first 30 days should be free so that they have the option of canceling the subscription if they choose to do so without being charged anything. Creating the free trial period
  9. Hi all, This is not a question. But if you want to create a button in PayPal that is dynamic and accepts values from your scripts, you may find this useful: When creating a Button in your Business Account, there are 3 steps. Under Step 2 ("Track Inventory, profit & loss (optional)", un-tick "Save button at PayPal". Now the button you created, will not be hosted by PayPal and you can pass on values, e.g.: <input type="hidden" name="email" value="<?php echo $_SESSION['email']; ?>"> PayPal offers of tonnes of information but it took me hours and quite some headache
  10. Hey Guys, I learned everything I know from Larry's books, but this question is not directly from any of his books. But I really need some help! I've set up a script to listen for IPN from paypal. I see the IPN activity in my paypal IPN history. The listener script that I set up is supposed to change one row in my database (I'm adding a user_meta value to a wordpress user to flag him as a premium user). The database update is not happening. When I point my browser to the page where the ipn script is hosted, this is the error message I see: web browser to the page on which my
  11. Hi all. When I type in the Instant Payment notification URL, it do not allow http://localhost/ipn.php So I type it another URL: http://www.weng.com/ipn.php, which does not exist, but it allow I think it is not Okay. Thanks for helping <-- End -- >
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