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This is just a note to say that I haven't officially created any "Review and Pursue" threads in this forum yet as I didn't know what, exactly, readers would want (and, to be clear, I hadn't created the response materials either). So feel free to post your questions as you have them and I'll answer them as they come. In time I may then shuffle things around to create an organized "Review and Pursue" system. Thanks for your interest in the book!

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Hi Larry, I saw in the PHP forum that you mentioned "creating Word docs (objectives, terms and definitions, and quiz questions) and PPT presentations for my 'Modern Javascript: Develop and Design' book". Has this been done yet? I've adopted both books for the college classes that I teach and would love a few "extras" to get started. Thanks!

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Thanks for the interest and for using my books in your courses. That's great. (What college by the way?) The extras for the "Modern Javascript" book have been done. To get them, you'll need to contact the publisher via peachpit.com. The materials are in their hands and they have a process for distributing them (freely).


I'm currently awaiting approval for doing support materials for the PHP books. You can request that when you contact them, if you want.


Thanks again!

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Just want to say: I personally love it when authors put questions at the end of chapters. Every time I can answer one, it feels good and that's rewarding. Rewards help me stay motivated to keep reading. And if I can answer all the questions for a chapter, then I assume that my understanding is sufficient and it's safe to move on to the next chapter.


For a specific example: I like the review questions in the Review and Pursue sections of the PHP Advanced and Object Oriented Programming book.


I never use the pursue stuff, though. 

Edit: Just noticed that some chapters in the Modern Javascript book have Review and Pursue in them. I'll let you know what I think of those, once I know what I think of them, hehe. ;)

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