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Mysql Question: Does Mysql_Close() A Must Step?

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Hello all,


I have been into learning and "playing with" some simple coding with php and mysql recently. Currently I am playing with accessing database of a remote database server from another website - so far things are in progress! (It was a complicated process in the beginning - I will share my experience sometime when my time is more flexible. Reference in book: Page 351, Tips item #2.)


There is one question I wonder if you could help me clarify:


Does mysql_close() a *must step* in a script?


Currently in my few scripts in my studies (I started just recently), I noticed I do not have this closing command in my scripts but the purposes of the scripts seemed to be fulfiled well. But I am curious if this "bad habit" could cause damage or security risk to the database host server (normally on a remote site), or to the server of the calling site (a website outside the database host site). [Well, I do own all these sites that are hosted by different hosting companies.]





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