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Mysql Question: Tables Of Different Projects In Database

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My web host allows 3 databases for my host account and I understand I can create as many as possible tables per database (except for any limitation with MySQL that I don't know).


My question is: Can I create different *groups* of tables in just one database, with each *group* being for an individual project that is not related to other projects?





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Thank you for replying; but I am confused...


Your "no" - does it mean I cannot use one database for different projects? But your "but..." confuses me.


Say I have a project for a "tour interest group" that may require 3 tables, and I have another project that deals with my "business clients management" that requires 10 tables.


Can I create all of these tables in just one database, while

tables for the "tour interest group" will have names prefixed with "tour-"; and

tables for "business clients management" will have names prefixed with "buz-"?


Or must I use two databases to hold the two groups of tables separately?





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