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Stripe For Payments Instead Of Paypal Or Authorize?

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This is a just general question.


Has anyone used Stripe for accepting payments? They can be found at stripe.com


It seems really simple to set up. Their fees are pretty reasonable. No merchant account needed.

No monthly fees, no "statement fees", no minimum monthly fees, 2.9% + .30 per transaction.

Can also do subscriptions, seems really good to me.


One change might be needed however, using the model in the ecommerce book (example 2), the users card is "authorized" when ordered and then later "charged" when shipped. I didn't see that functionality available in my first browse of the php api for stripe. Might need some adjustments there.


I am continuing to check this out further. Thought it might be an interesting alternative method for payments.



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I want to check this out when I have more time.

I and many others would like alternative to PayPal.

Although I will say that a few years ago I found a PayPal alternative, like this one with no monthly fees.

However, they did not permit a business only an individual, to use their services.

Secondly, when someone clicked the PayNow button, went to their website and input their email address, even if they did not pay. In other words, they just went to look. That person was then sent an email with my name used saying, Jane Doe requests a payment from you.


Both of these things were totally unacceptable and it takes much work to find this out. You actually have to run through some partial and complete payments to find out.


If Stripe really provides PayPal alternative it would be a good thing.

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I have implemented Stripe on my website now and I really like it.

I do have very simple $5 payment then download -- no subscriptions, shipping, etc.

All seems well so far.

I revamped my site as well, so those that have time, let me know any improvements I could make.


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Coincidentally, I've been using Stripe as part of a project for a client. The client was also drawn to the cheap rates. In my situation, using Stripe is a bit complicated because the site is WordPress based, but otherwise Stripe is simple to use. It is limited in its features, though.


Thanks, Abigail, for sharing!

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Really, it's only because of NewEcommerce1 (here) that I found out about Stripe.

Stripe is limited but PayPal is soooooo complex.

Also, they are new yet and maybe they will be adding features.


I have problem because of my old computer and Stripe uses new javascript and my computer hangs. I have to go to library to test!

(I am awaiting my friend to give me his 'old' XP computer.)

Their tech support helped me out greatly.


Just something to know about, at first I sent email question to their customer support and did not get reply for several days.

They did answer tech support, though and they really did great.

It seems you need to know a bit more programming than you would for PayPal.


Just for others information:

I find out credit card approval immediately but they will send charge back or other notices by Webhook. Even successes if I set it up that way. Webhook works much like PayPal's IPN.

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