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I read the first chapter of the book in one sitting. It was a easy reading, as if I was reading a nice story. Still I got the main points about those important DOCTYPE and impressive HTML5 right into my head. I was not giving any thought so far about HTML tags and DOCTYPE since now, but now I know them right. That's what I like about Larry's writing. Thank you, Larry.


And one more thing, so far I have been able to keep the glossy, red book away from my toddler Son. The book looks so impressive and expensive! It's a good read...

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Hehe. I know what you mean about trying to keep nice books away from your kid. I have a 2.5-year-old daughter myself.


Also, yeah, HTML5 is getting bigger and bigger all the time, and JavaScript is playing a pivotal role in that. While I'm not done with the book yet, I kinda wish Larry had gone into more detail about the recent developments in HTML5, since they're so related to JS.

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Thanks for the nice words, Sonal. I keep forgetting to promote that it's a full color book, my first. That explains the higher price.


HarleySan, I had planned on doing a chapter on HTML5 but I ran out of space. And HTML5, while closely tied to JS, is still somewhat fringe, meaning that I couldn't remove other, more necessary content, to put it in there. That and the fact that the chapter could be quickly outdated. Maybe I'll do more JS+HTML5 through the blog.

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