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Mysql Workbench Relationship Arrows

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I apologise for the crudeness of this example. I'm using the workbench on a personal project and I've plugged in all my data and allowed the workbench to generate the relationships, which is fine. but what is the difference between relationships that start


-| |---------



and ones that start like




is one identifying and the other non-identifying?


On a secondary note, I feel like most examples i've seen of your models Larry flow nicely in an almost clockwise manner. I'm finding that mine has 5 tables that all feed into a central table, this central table is the hub of the displayed information, but there is a fairly large proportion of the central table that is built up from P.Keys in the other tables. Does this mean that my design is poor at a guess? I realise that there isn't a great deal of information for you here, but I didn't want to bombard you with huge swathes of information.

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I don't have any idea what the difference is between those two lines, if any. Sorry.


As for your second question, there are certainly times where the design ends up almost circular and sometimes where it's a star pattern like you're describing. I don't think that means it's bad. I assume you went through the due diligence and that's just how it looks at the end.

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