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Can You Create The Chapter 8 Exercises As Windowed Applications?

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Hi Larry,


I am trying to learn about ajax features in Flex and am in chapter 8. The examples look good!


I have created and populated the database (MySQL) and have tested the php script getEmployees.php in my browser and it works fine. I can see that it has created the XML response data OK.


But when I try and run the application from within FlashBuilder as per page 251 (CTRL+F11) nothing happens. I created the new flex project as a windowed application - could that be the problem? I also tried to run it in debug mode (F11) but also nothing happens that I can see.


As always, any advice will be muchly appreciated.


Thanks, Necuima.


P.S., I have now created the app as not a windowed application and it ran perfectly. Can I make changes so that it will work as a windowed app? If so, what do I need to change?


Again, any advice will be appreciated.

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Creating it as a windowed application can definitely be the problem, although I expect not because it's a windowed application but because the path to the Ajax resource ends up being wrong. That's what I would investigate first. Whenever I make big changes to a Flex app that uses services, I often have problems with accessing the resources.

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Hi Larry,


Mmmm - I am using the same URL as in the browser app -



id="getEmployeesService" url="http://localhost/Flex_CH08/getEmployees.php"


In the project's properties I have selected PHP in the Flex Server category and the web root and URL validate OK.


I am a bit of a 'babe in the woods' with this so far!


Again, any advice/suggestions will be muchly appreciated.


Cheers, Necuima.

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Hi again, Larry,


It works just fine if you tell FlashBuilder that it is a windowed application!!!


Previously I had just copied the code and created the app as a windowed app without changing the opening and closing app tags in the mxml!!


Sorry to have bothered you!!


Cheers, Necuima has learnt something else today!

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