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Can'T Get Crud To Work With Urlmanager

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I am new to YII and I have been following the tutorials and things have been going well until I started an app and can't get some of the CRUD operations to work when I use URLManager. I am creating a model called "profile".


The first thing that I did was generate a YII app, then uncommented the GII function to use that. I created a database and created a table also called "profile"


I went to the GII url and used the Model Generator and put in the table prefix as the same name as the table in lowercase (profile) and for the Model Class i used the same name but with the first letter capitalized (Profile).


Then i went to the crud generator and used the same name for Model class (Profile) as the the model generator with the first letter capitalized. and the cotroller Id ( profile) was the same name but lowercase.


Everything went fine and I was able to use all the CRUD functions. Next I was hoping to do the same but with the example given here for the URL Manager.


I used the same database and table but created a new app with yicc , went to main.php as usual and uncommented out Gii as well as the URL Mananger, I did the exact same steps as above but now when I created a model then the CRUD just as above and when I went to create a profile it gave me an error "The system is unable to find the requested action"

but when I go to the manage page it shows the new profile, I go to the view page and I get Error 404

The system is unable to find the requested action.


When i go to Update I get Error 400 Your request is invalid, and when i go to delete i get the same error , Error 400 Your request is invalid.


I am knew to YII and not sure about how to fix this ,if anyone can help out it would be appreciated. When I don't use URL manager I have no problems at all.

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First, thanks for actually using the support forums instead of just asking this in my blog's comments. As for the problem, I suspect your Apache .htaccess isn't set properly to use the URL manager.

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