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Models + Table Joins With Yii

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When a user signs up to my website the information taken from the registration page needs to be put into 3 separate tables, a users table, user_status table and a user address table, how can such a situation be done using yii, when you can generate only one controller per model? I am also rerunning over the SQL stuff and would like to practice doing TABLE JOINS, how can such be done using Yii?

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Table joins are very easy in Yii by the look of it. A simple google search for 'yii query' gave me this link:




You would do something like this:

$user = Yii::app()->db->createCommand()
   ->select('id, username, profile')
   ->from('tbl_user u')
   ->join('tbl_profile p', 'u.id = p.user_id')
   ->join('tbl_another o', 'u.another_id = o.another_id')
   ->join('tbl_mother m', 'u.mother_id = m.mother_id')   
   ->where('id=:id', array(':id'=>$id))


Never used Yii, but a simple google search can solve most of your problems.

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Yes it was Google i did first run a search in, but intially searched for "Yii Table Joins" nothing came up with nothing that was helpful. I see your search on Yii query brought up some better results, yes i guess it is a query. I also checked my books but didn't find anything much in there, so that's why i was asking here for a pointer. Thanks for your help AC.

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