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I've googled this topic heavily and found a post regarding it on your old forum. I've read trouble shooting chapter, done everything I think of to get my log-in page to work, but still no luck.


I can register without a problem, the activation script works from my e-mail to my site. I've gone so far as to take SHA off my passwords in the database just to make sure it's grabbing the password correctly. But even when I enter the correct user email and password it still says 'Please try again'.


I'd really be great-full for any help I can get on this matter. Here's the link,



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Hi MegL


To find out why this isn't working you'd to place the code your using to login with. Please remember 2 things,

1) remove your username and password for the conenction details to your db. So others cant see them.


and if you could put your code inside "code" tags. (link is above in the other styles section)




I would guess that your not dealing with the passwords and usernames correctly so its throwing an error which you know isn't an error

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MegL: When you SHA1' passwords, you can't compare them to a normal password anymore. You need to compare the SHA1'd password the user types in with the SHA1'd password in the database. If the hashes (the SHA1'd passwords) are the same, then it's the right password.


I don't know if this is your problem, but I think it might be common thing to forget. :)


Hope you work this out, and please ask more questions if you need to.

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