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Just wanted to recommend a website called CodeCademy.com. They offer free courses in Javascript, html, css, Ruby and several other languages and courses.


It works kind of like a lot of those new apps you find on your phone. You get a task, you provide an answer, that answer is validated, and you can move along to a new course once finished. People learn differently, but I diffidently need to write code alongside learning. For those new to JS, I would definitly recommend reading Larry's book along with these tasks. You'll find out you learn a lot fast and in a fun way. Some of the tasks involve several revision of a black jack game, a cash register and other fun tasks. You also get trophies from a point system considering how well you've done. A very enjoyable and good way to deploy JavaScript code.


Has anyone else tried it? :)

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I've used codecademy for javascript and would also recommend it. It offers bite size lessons that you can dip in and out of. I'm with you Antonio - I need to write code to learn. That's why I love the review and pursue sections in Larry's books cuz, you can't refer back to the downloaded files.

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Never heard of this place before but i will definitely check it out, i have used www.w3schools.com to learn some coding stuff from, but this web site looks so to be better. Thanks for passing on useful information, we need more people with your spirit here.

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