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Hi guys. Is it really necessary to set the $name,$email,$gender to NULL? If they are empty, aren't they null then? Thanks!


if (!empty($_REQUEST['name'])) {
$name = $_REQUEST['name'];
else {
$name = NULL;
echo '<p class="error">You forgot to enter your name!</p>';

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Thanks Sir, finding your book really helpful! I'm still a bit confused of the following. If nothing is typed into a particular input field in the form,doesn't that mean that the corresponding variable is unset and therefore Null?

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Hmm thanks Larry and HartleySan (yes, it helps). For the following piece of code, is setting the gender to NULL necessary or is it just a good programming practice? (since if gender is not set, then it automatically means its NULL) Thanks!


if (isset($_REQUEST['gender'])) {
$gender = $_REQUEST['gender'];
} else {
$gender = NULL;

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