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Print Database Result From Out Of While Loop

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hello... everyone..


I have some small problem. It is when Im fetch data from my database and print those in different location.

I have a database to store images and it contain many type of images. Eg. gallery image, comments image, ad image and so on. So now I need to get only images which type is 'ad'.


Note: A single user can store only 2 images as ad images. That mean there are two ad images to a particular user.


It ok for me. I did it like this.


$q = "SELECT image_name FROM images WHERE image_type = 'ad' AND user = $id";
$r = mysqli_query( $dbc, $q );
while ( $row = mysqli_fetch_array( $r, MYSQLI_ASSOC)) {
 $imageName = $row['image_name'];
 $imageName; // two images contain in this variable.


My problem is, can anybody say, is there a way to print those 2 images in different location (in different two DIV ) and out of while loop.


Eg: <div class="add1"> image1 </div>

<div class="add2"> image2 </div>


any comments are highly appreciated.

thank you.

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With the code you have, $imageName will only ever represent one image, specifically the last image returned by the query. So you would need to change that to an array. Then you could refer to $imageName[0] and $imageName[1] in the respective DIVs.

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