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Mod_Rewrite Not Working Correctly

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I'm trying to do mod_rewrite like this:




RewriteEngine On

RewriteRule ^cancer/?$ cancer.php

RewriteRule ^ptsd/?$ptsd.php




I have my testing directory, named minus, so the same code should be at

adviceofthequeen.com and adviceofthequeen.com/minus/


I put this code into the .htaccess file in minus directory and when I type into browser:


the cancer.php page comes up correctly.


But when I type into browser:


the cancer.php pages comes up but without the style sheet and images.


So I also put this same code into .htaccess file above the minus directory (the real live code) and when I type into browser:


it throws a 500 Internal Server Error.


I'm pretty sure that if I ask hosting tech support about this they will suggest I use the cpanel redirect. I want to do this for all my files and now there is only 6 but there could be maybe about 50 when I'm done. It doesn't seem that redirect is the best way to do this.


Is there any syntax error in my mod_rewrite?


There was nothing in the .htaccess files except directory protection in the minus directory which is temporarily not on right now.


Apache version 2.2.21

PHP version 5.2.17

MySQL version 5.0.92-community-log

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There is a syntax error in your .htaccess: you're missing a space on the last line, before the destination.


Also, the reason your CSS and images don't show up with cancer/ is that the browser thinks its in a subdirectory and you're probably using relative paths to the CSS and images.

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Thank-you for finding the syntax typo.

Evidently, that is the reason it wouldn't run in my live directory!


(I've changed the names of my pages to add _treatment at the end.)


I took off the / from the cancer_treatment page and that works well now.

The only time it would show 404 not found is if the user typed it into browser with the /.

My code won't use that.

Does that make sense to you that I should do it that way or do you think I have to use absolute referencing?


This is the code I'm using now:



RewriteEngine On

RewriteRule ^cancer_treatment?$ cancer_treatment.php

RewriteRule ^ptsd_treatment?$ ptsd_treatment.php

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Here's something I thought of now. Can I write just one RewriteRule that will change all my file names, here are examples:


RewriteRule ^cancer_treatment$ cancer_treatment.php

RewriteRule ^hiv_aids_treatment$ hiv_aids_treatment.php

RewriteRule ^sids_treatment$ sids_treatment.php

RewriteRule ^sleep_disorders_treatment$ sleep_disorders_treatment.php

RewriteRule ^asthma_treatment$ asthma_treatment.php


So if it ends with _treatment then I want .php added.


The reason I'm doing this is for SEO. That's why I want treatment in all the names.

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You can definitely do this as one rule. My inclination is to be specific:

RewriteRule ^(cancer_treatment|hiv_aids_treatment|sids_treatment)/?$ $1.php


But you could also write something more flexible, if you'd rather. I would prepare for the / and use absolute references to my CSS and images.

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Actually, I figured out an even better way for me. So my customer can type into browser just cancer and my program can use cancer_treatment. They can even type in just hiv or just aids or hiv_aids. Here's what my code looks like then:



RewriteEngine On

RewriteRule ^cancer[a-z_]*$ cancer_treatment.php

RewriteRule ^hiv|aids[a-z_]*$ hiv_aids_treatment.php

RewriteRule ^sleep[a-z_]*$ sleep_disorders_treatment.php

RewriteRule ^sickle[a-z_]*$ sickle_cell_anemia_treatment.php

RewriteRule ^addict[a-z_]*$ addiction_treatment.php

RewriteRule ^fear|phobia[a-z_]*$ fear_phobia_treatment.php



Regarding my previous post, the reason to use one Rule is because I wouldn't have to edit file each time I add a new treatment. So there is not much advantage to do it your way, I would think. But I like my new idea much better anyway.


I suppose I will have to use absolute referencing for the css and images. Otherwise user sees 404 error but that is only if they type in the trailing /. Someone might do that I suppose.


Anyway, except for that minor problem of trailing / everything seems to be working great now.

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