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How Can I Create This Sql Query?

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hi.. everyone..


This is a sql query problem that I have uncounted and have been in the same script for hours. But Still I couldn't get it to work.


I need to get a image from database and its type should be one of a value from my $designation array. The query should check $designation array's value with database and if its match with one of a value in database then query can retrieve one row.


This is my designation array. its value I use for image type in my db.


$designation = array ( 'Managing Director', 'Manager', 'Director', 'The Principal', 'Deputy Principal', 'Proprietor', 'Assistant Manager', 'Head Master');


My problem is how can I check these value exit in my table and how can I make a query for this. In query where condition is confusing to me...


any comments are greatly appreciated.

Thank you..

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thanx for response.


My table is institute_images and it has image_id, image_name, image_type, institute_id coloumns. designation array's values I use for image_type values. In my query I need to check is there any images in db with image_type value is one of my designation array's value.

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I have read it half. (till 7 chapter) .. why is it??


Well i think if you did read, understand and finished this book most of your questions would be answered. I would suggest to anyone that before they began to develop stuff that they at least had the basics in their pocket.

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