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Larry I apologize if i am bugging you but i am close to the end of PHP and MySQL for Dynamic Web Sites. I would say that this book gives me enough knowledge to go and build any kind of site i wanted if it was in the procedural code and not in any design pattern like MVC. I really like how chap 17, 18 and 19 really summarize on all what is taught and wanted to say to you since you are making the Yii book could you do something like that for us in Yii and how to make yii do the message board, user registration and eCommerce shopping cart. If you could do that the book would be awesome and it would make it easy for us to basically learn what we need after.


Other things i would like to see in the Yii book would be showing an example of making a new yii layout as currently i know there are two, and then implementing it into yii. Then possibly how to add CSS style sheets to these and where they should go. Also some stuff on using yii to add jquery/javascript. These kind of things seem to be the base.

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