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Hello :)


I have been working my way through your book and for some reason have come across a problem I can not fix in Chapter 11.


This is a problem I encounter even if I use the code that you included, as a download, for both pages. My login.php comes up as expected, but when one types in the user name and password and then hits submit, nothing happens other than refreshing the page. Even if you do not type anything in, there are no errors. I tried making a second login page "login1.php" and a second loggedin page "loggedin1.php" and tried to run those as well and it keeps redirecting it back to the original login.php page.


My php.ini file had the outbuffering turned off, and I just turned it on while trying to figure out what the problem is. The code seems fine. Please help me figure this out, I feel I can't continue forward until I get this. I am also sure the answer is something simple that I am overlooking, hehe.


Thank you!

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