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I am a pup at this, noob you might say, but I cant even download the scripts to follow along with my second addition book. My teacher just gave me this book and told me to get to it. I feel pretty ashamed to not even be able to start. I clicked on the script link, downloaded them, extracted them and they have the blank icon. Nothing programed to open them up. I would have thought notepad but it does not work. Also the titles scripts, string, quotes. Why are they not 1.1, 1.2, 1.3? Am I downloading the wrong material? Also this TEXT EDITOR? what is this? could this be the problem? My univeristy computer does not have a text editor program? So lost please help... Need a big bro bc Im sure this is just the start to my PHP nightmare to come this summer. Thx

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Notepad should work. PHP is not a compiled language, so you can look at source code with any text program, but you should rather download an IDE like Eclipse or Netbeans. (Available for both Mac/Windows for free) I would think your download just simply screwed up or something. Try downloading again and see what happens. This just sounds weird.


Just a tip: if you want to develop PHP, check out Xampp. It will give you a possibility to develop locally.

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