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Newsletter #39

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Thank you for publishing your newsletters. I enjoyed your story in newsletter #39 about your story of how you got started in the business. I also like that you actually give away free books - did not know that. Since I am blessed with good job in the Construction industry I can purchase your books from Amazon. Those who are on a limited budget and struggle pay check to pay check can greatly benefit from your generosity. Those that can easily afford to should not ask for a free book.


I have a BS degree in Construction Management and Structural Engineer. I am a Project Manager for a medium size nationwide private apartment developer and have worked in this industry for 20 years in one capacity or another. I am learning PHP/MySQL because I have some practical and useful ideas for web based applications that would greatly add efficiency and organization to this industry. The Construction industry as a whole is the largest single contributor to the GDP yet the most immature in its use of IT technologies. There is so much opportunity for practical and useful wed based/software applications that will increase productivity, provide better quality and reduce project durations in specific pre-construciton activities.



Gregory Scarcell

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Thanks, Gregory, for the feedback! Ironically, I did construction for years, as a part-time and summer job, from high school (two years of drywall) to college (pretty much everything) and for a while after. I miss the physicality and the immediacy of seeing results. On the other hand, I'm not completely exhausted at the end of the day. I know you're not doing the physical stuff, but I thought I'd share that coincidence.


I think your idea of using IT to improve the industry is an excellent one. I hope you're able to do that and let us know if you have any questions along the way.

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