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I have started to learn PHP and have bought the visual quick start php for the web.


I have managed to install xampp and ran the code from chapter one.


I want to know would this book be enough for me to get grounding so that I can purchase and start building ecommerce sites in the book effortless ecommerce? of is there any other books that i need to cover to give me all the background knowledge for me to progress to effortless ecommerce?


I have done HTML and some javascript before and I have seen PHP code before but never programmed in it,


Please can any on advise thanks you

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You have most definitely come to the right spot, and you picked the right author. I purchased my first php book by Larry in 2005. When I was contemplating purchasing his book, the way in which the information was written helped me understand how to do things on my mac that I never thought was posible. Detailed and to the point. The books are a great resource to have.


Your next book would probabley be PHP and MYSQL for Dynamic Web Sites. Chapter 19 in the book is aIl about an E-commerce site. So if you are going to make an E-commerce site (or sites) I would start with PHP and MYSQL for Dynamic Web Sites. After you have PHP and MYSQL under your belt. You could get his effortless ecommerce book to further your skill set.


Hope this helps.


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I agree with Jaepee. I've never read this book specifically, but if it doesn't cover much MySQL, then you'll probably want to check out Larry's PHP & MySQL book (as Jaepee also recommended) as well before checking out the e-commerce book. Larry's PHP & MySQL book is the book I started with, and I think it's Larry's bread and butter book that will allow you to (fairly) easily move onto the e-commerce book, which is more advanced.

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