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Hello. I just read the AJAX chapter in PHP and MySQL and want to learn much more on the topic--especially concerning PHP's role with AJAX. I'm seriously considering buying the AJAX: Visual QuickProject book, but noticed it was published a while ago. I'm wondering about both what deprecated features (in PHP and Javascript) might be present in the book and whether I should start with the Javascript book. Please kindly advise. Thank you!

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The material in Larry's Ajax book is still relevant. Ajax, as a technology, has not changed at all since the book was published.


With that said, a lot of JS libraries (like jQuery), greatly simplify the process of setting up Ajax for a page. Larry's new JS book talks quite a bit about how to use jQuery to use Ajax.

Ultimately, I don't think you can go wrong with buying Larry's Ajax book, but with that said, having gone the route of starting off with Larry's PHP/MySQL book and then buying the Ajax book next, it might not hurt to study just JS a little before going through the Ajax book.


Just my recommendation.

Good luck.

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