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Finding Maximum Of 3 Numbers

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What is wrong with following neseted if conditions? This program shows wrong result to compare 3 integer numbers and find out maximum number. I'm so confused. This program gives a wrong maximum number.



var a = prompt("Enter first number");

var b = prompt("Enter second number");

var c = prompt("Enter third number");


var answer;


document.getElementById("no1").innerHTML = "a : " + a;

document.getElementById("no2").innerHTML = "b : " + b;

document.getElementById("no3").innerHTML = "c : " + c;


if(a > B){

if (a > c) {

//alert("a is maximu : " + a);

answer = a +" a is maximum";

} else {

//alert("c1 is max : " + c);

answer = c + " c1 is maximum";



else {


if(b > c) {


answer = b +" b is maximum";


else {

//alert("c2 is maximum : " + c);

answer = c + " c2 is maximum";




document.getElementById("show").innerHTML = answer;

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I got it corrected. a, b and c values were coming from text type form fields. So they were comparing as strings rather than numbers. I had to use parseInt function to convert them to numbers before comparing them. That is a simple example to show how to use nested if.


Thanks for looking....

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