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Maybe someone will be nice enough to take the time to read all of that, but if you want to increase your odds of getting an answer, you should probably help us out a bit more.

For example, was the login script working for a while, and now it doesn't? Was it never working at all? Are you new to PHP? Did you buy the book and jump straight to the login script section, or have you been going through each section? Can you possibly narrow down where the error is? Have you tried echoing various values/variables to the screen to ensure that you're getting the values you expect?

Basically, please provide us with some more info, and hopefully we can better help. Thanks.

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Sorry about that I wasn't really paying attention to what I was doing when I posted this. I have figured out the problem though.


1. I was using mysql instead of mysqli so that was where alot of my problems and error's were coming from.

2. My index.php file contained alot of whitespaces (invalid characters).


Once I fixed all of that everything works like a charm.

I will make sure next time I will provide more information on my problems. And yes I am new to PHP and MYSQL but it is a good learning experiance though.


Once again thanks again for your time and the great book. I am almost done reading it and can't wait to finish. Thanks

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