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I am interested in incorporating a 15 or 30 day FREE trial period, however am having difficulties completing the task. I am in the education field and have very limited knowledge/skills regarding php/mySQL and thanks to Larry's approach I have made it further than I expected.


Basically after users register and are presented with the Paypal, they must login via Payapl and agree to the monthly subscription, however the first 30 days should be free so that they have the option of canceling the subscription if they choose to do so without being charged anything. Creating the free trial period Paypal button is easy, however just doing this does not update the database in any way. When a trial period button is created and used, the database doesn't seem to be updated and therefore doesn't allow users to access the content.





Any insight is very much appreciated......




Thanks Larry for such a great book!

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Thanks for the reply Larry....I did figure out a solution, although not the one I originally had in mind. I changed the Registration.php


ADDDATE(NOW(), INTERVAL 20 DAY) )......this bypassed the whole payment system (allowed register users to view content) and basically set the expiration day 20 days from the date of registration/creation. Now once expired, users will need to renew their accounts via Paypal as originally set. If you see any issues with this, please let me know as I have not had time to go through the entire cycle for testing purposes, but I believe that it will work just fine.


I appreciate your willingness to help me.....thanks alot!

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