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Elizabeth Castro's book comes very highly recommended, but I've never read it myself. Here's a link:



Also, the following book has top marks on Amazon, so it's probably decent:



More than anything though, just playing with HTML yourself, looking up stuff as you need to is probably the best course of action.

Regardless of what route you choose to take though, I highly recommend always validating all HTML from the following site and following its advice very closely:



Other than that, there's not a whole lot to worry about. HTML itself is easy, although things can get tricky when you try to combine it with CSS in various ways.

Feel free to come back here and ask questions whenever.

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You may want to have a look at http://www.sitepoint...eebbc5f1a378970 Sitepoint let you download sample chapters to review before purchase and I've always found they send a discount offer via email within about 24-48 hours of downloading a sample.


Don't be afraid to look online. I just googled and found what looks like a reasonable free screencast series at: http://learncss.tutsplus.com/


Personally, I learnt the basics from Dan Cederholm's books, but for html5 used the Sitepoint book http://www.sitepoint...books/htmlcss1/ which I can highly recommend.

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HTML5, Digital Classroom is good for HTML and CSS and provides a good intro to HTML5 and CSS3. For CSS, in addition to Dan Cedarholm's books I would also recommend CSS Mastery and anything by Eric Meyer.


@Rob - please would you expound on why you like the Sitepoint book for HTML5. I've used HTML5, Digital Classroom which is pretty good but I'm looking for something more detailed.

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Hello Larry,

Can you recommend a couple books on HTML? I do statistical programming (SAS and R) and I want to put some content on the web. The book looks solid for the dynamic content but I need to get to speed on writing *good* HTML.


Hello Dude,


I am using HTMLcodeTutorial for learning good HTML coding, which provides lots of tutorial articles about HTML coding with ease of understanig and appropriate information. So, i would like to recommend it for you.

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