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Hi, Larry thanks for this nice book. I have used your book as a guideline and created a nice shopping cart utilizing YII framework. Am now at the checkout section where by I want to utilize cash, paypal and authorize.net.

Basicaly this is what I want to happen. When the customer clicks on checkout link I take them to a page where they are able to view what they have shopped for. On the same page I present a form only to collect shipping address and in addition to this I have three radio buttons for them to select payment method. The cash one I don't have a problem with it but on the paypal and authorize.net I need when either is checked I want to redirect them to respective method so that they can login or register and pay with either paypal or authorize.net. One thing am able to do is a redirect to either paypal or authorize.net when their respective radiobutton is selected. Only I need to know which type of payment is best to implement in this scenario of radio buttons I have seen it in several shopping on the internet. I do not what to store users billing or part of their payment information. I was thinking of paypal standard from paypal stand point but authorize.net am not sure which one to use. Or if you have a reference that explain the different type and how they are implemented it will be nice.

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Yes am implementing those two but I need to know which type is best to implement as in paypal we have different types(standard, pro and more) and also in authorize have different types(AIM, SIM and more), but I dont want to process payment on my side but on each gateway's site.

I hope you get it. Again my problem is not using which but which type(pro or standard) like for paypal will let me process payments on paypal site and same thing for authorize.net.

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All types process payments on the gateway site, it's just a matter of whether or not the user visibly leaves your site. With Authorize.net, they'll never leave your site; with PayPal standard, they will; with PayPal pro, they won't.

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