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Pg 253

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I went to the JS errata page but it didn't work, the javascript kept loading but didn't submit my comment. So i will post the comment here.


On PG.253 words.js i changed from numbers to message for the script to work. Apart from that this book is awesome, i am just dieing now to be able to get javascript into my webpages.


// Function for setting text of an element:

function setText(elementId, message) {

'use strict';

if ( (typeof elementId == 'string')

&& (typeof message == 'string') ) {

var output = $(elementId);

if (output.textContent !== undefined) {

output.textContent = message;

} else {

output.innerText = message;


} // End of main IF.

} // End of setText() function.

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Did you get this to work, it seems your post is more of a solution than a question? I also ran across this and noticed numbers was not a parameter of the function and wondered where it came from. Let me know if you still have any issues with it though.

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