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New Edition Coming Soon?

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Thanks, Gregory, for the interest. I just suggested to the publisher that we do a new edition of this book, but I haven't heard back from them yet. Should they say yes, the next edition still wouldn't come out until 2012. Even though this edition came out in 2007, I think it's still reasonably up to date.

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I've got that edition and it has served me very well and continues to do so! IMHO, the two big areas of PHP that have advanced beyond what this book covers are PHP 5.3 style OOP and namespaces. This book covers the basics of PHP 5 style OOP and is 100% applicable in PHP 5.3.x. Since it doesn't cover advanced OOP topics, the book may not have covered much of the new PHP 5.3 style OOP features like late static binding.


I highly recommend the book!

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Offhand, I can't recommend any, as I don't think I've personally read any PHP book written in the past couple of years. But I certainly don't mind you're asking. I guess I would browse Amazon for PHP and OOP and look for books published more recently.

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