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I am currently working as a web designer and wants to learn web development. I am well known about PHP but for MySQL - about it i have know only basics but i have not practiced well.


Here, for learning MySQL from basics to advanced, can you suggest me some ideas and tips or even the best resources to learn MySQL.


I'm waiting for your reply.


Thanks in advance.

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Thanks for suggesting me Larry's book but I want to learn it online and interested in PDF or article and free online resources which is the best to understand it deeply.


Do you know any Larry's article or free PDF about the basics of MySQL, if you know share here or I'm also interested in other resources which are the best and informative to clear all concept about MySQL.

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You should learn about normalization and how to structure your data. This is the most important thing in a relational database. It's some theory you need to learn here before using it practically.


You should then learn how to join the data again in queries. The JOIN statement is the most important here.


These two things are the largest building blocks on how to learn MySQL. When you master that, you can do pretty much everything with a DB.


You can find a lot of information/good articles about this online.

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