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Retrieving Related Posts - Php & Mysql ?

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What does this mean exactly "Indeed I want to retrieve 3 post titles related to the one is viewed at the end of the post." If you are retrieving related posts you will need to check to see if the current post has a parent_id which is equal to the post_id. You will need an extra column in your posts table parent_id to do this, you will also need the post_id column which is a primary key and set to auto increment.

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When you initially load the page with the original post, you need to do whatever is necessary to figure out what the topic of the original post is. This will depend a lot on your site logic and DB structure, so I can't really advise you much beyond that.


Anyway, once you know what the original post is about, then you need to make a query at the bottom of the page to get the relevant posts and put them up.

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Ghamdan, I think I already answered your question, but when you're first loading the post (i.e., running the PHP script to get the original post), you need to establish what the post is about (e.g., Windows 8), and then query the DB in the same script for related posts, and posted them below the original post.

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