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Display_Errors Function Fails (Review & Pursue)

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Dear Larry,


In the Review and Pursue section of chapter 3 of this great book, you have put a question:


Under what circumstances will attempts to enable display_errors in a script not succeed?


I searched this forum and the book, but I am unable to find the answer. Could you give me the answer ?





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And, I think that's the reason we need to put that call to display_errors at the very top of the script. The moral to take home is: It's prefereable to have display_errors set in the INI file rather than in the script in a non-production environment. Am I right?

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1. I understand that error in "catch-device" would produce blank page. I pasted this from book:


ini_set (' display_errors', 1); 
Deliberate errors produce blank page. 
2. phpinfo(); displays the info; phpinfo(): [colon instead of semicolon] displays the info with no error report; phpinfo( displays blank page
Any ideas?
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