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Edit User - Updating - Text Areas

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Hello, I have been wrestling with textareas in one way or another for quite some time.


I would like to add a text area within the Edit User form however, when I update the information from the data base does not appear in the text area. The information does appear in the other fields.


This is the last piece of code that I tested:




<textarea name="description" rows="5" cols="40" value="' . $row[7] . '" />




Thanks Marie

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Actually place the content within the textarea tags. For example:


<textarea name="description" rows="5" cols="40">' . $row[7] . '</textarea>


Also, be careful with your markup. You have an unnecessary closing p tag and you're closing your opening textarea tag, which is wrong.

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You'll have to use JS for the character counter.

I imagine there are any number of tutorials online about that, and it's pretty easy anyway.

If you get stuck, please ask a question on the Modern JS board.


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