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as topic says i'd like to ask something about spam_scrubber script.

Question has to do with this line of code:

$value = str_replace(array("\r" , "\n" , "%0a" , "%0d"), ' ' , $value);


So , i executed this script and in the email field i added something like that:



Email Address: example1@hotmail.com\r\nexample2@hotmail.com


When the email arrives i notice that from field contains this:

Email Address: example1@hotmail.com\\r\\nexample2@hotmail.com


So why is this happening?Shouldnt str_replace function replace "\r","\n" symbols with a space which trim removes right after?


was kinda expecting something like this in the from field:

Email Address:example1@hotmail.comexample2@hotmail.com


Thanks in Advance!

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