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Oop Add-Change-Delete Posts In Mysql Table

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Hi larry,

Thanks for another great book, I bought this new addition in order to learn oop at last.


However, I havn't found any part that covers databasedriven tables with add-change-delete features the oop way. Many web-based php applications is about presenting databased data in a table with abilities to add change or delete data/posts using buttons and forms. I know how how to achieve this the procedural way with validation and so on, and now I am eager to learn it the oop way.


A simpel loginform is a start but forms with dropdowns, radios, checkboxes would be most apreciated to learn.

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Thanks for the nice words. It is appreciated. If I understand your question, to do this the OOP way, you'd use something like HTML QuickForm to handle the form generation and validation (there's an example of this in the book), and use OOP to retrieve the data from the database for updating or store it there for inserts.

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OK, I will try to take it from there. However the QuickForm2 is not covered so well in your book, you refere to forum on the web wich is fine, but I still feel that I need more real world (and more basic oop script) in order to understand oop once and for all. I think that a script that has features for new-update-delete of posts in a databasedriven table in the book had been great.


I mean, thats what I try do in almost all of my small projects. When searching various forums there are comments that says that QuickForm2 is not very useful when you want to extend your forms, nor is it well documented.


Maybe someone can post a basic oop-way to handle mysql-based new-update-delete issues of posts?

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