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I'm wondering why variables that are declared at the beginning of a function are assigned the form elements and not their corresponding values. For instance...


// Get a reference to the form elements:


var type = document.getElementById('type');

var years = document.getElementById('years');


the program would then go on to check conditions...



// Convert the year to a number:

if (years && years.value) {

years = parseInt(years.value, 10);



// Check for valid data:

if (type && type.value && years && (years > 0) )


would the following revision be as efficacious?



var type = document.getElementById('type').value;

var years = document.getElementById('years').value;





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Your suggestion is not wrong, but also not recommended. By assigning a reference to a DOM element to a variable, you can first test whether the DOM element exists at all, which is a good idea.


For example, if an element with the ID "years" does not exist, then trying to assign the value of such an element immediately to a variable will cause an error.


Also, it never hurts to assign a DOM reference to a variable, as you never know if you'll need the DOM reference again (and searching through the DOM twice for the same element is a waste).

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