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Successfully Completed My Site...https://www.j5Cmarketing.com

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I was able to complete the first site, with some enhancements.  I would like anybody, and everybody, including Larry (my hero) to check it out.



You need to register to see anything, and you can send me a feed back if you like.

90 Days free, then if you like, you can pay with Paypal....



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I found these typos:


was to complicated
was too complicated

or even multiple business.
or even multiple businesses.

Your in a growing family
You're in a growing family

And the final part that make J5C
And the final part that makes J5C

it respects it users
it respects its users

as long as your an active member
as long as you're an active member


The site looks good as far as content and appearance. I did not take the time to register.

It seems your site would compete with Craigslist which will be difficult to succeed at, I would think.

Nice job, though.

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Kudos for getting this done and thanks for sharing it. And thanks to Abigail for taking the time to provide some constructive feedback!

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Yes, my web page was built from "Effortless E-Commerce with PHP and MySql second edition".

This was my first website in many years, and my has everything changed.
I learned everything from the book, then re-wrote the site about 5 times to add what I thought would be needed for me.

I added a few improvements such as an age for each topic, being able to select multiple categories for each topic, and making the categories hierarchical. To name a few.

Then I added a section for advertisements where companies could make simple adds and display them accourding to a distribution zone that they select.

Thanks Larry for creating a great book that teaches a lot.  I am still working on making it work as a business, but its a start.

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