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Chapter 6 - Nesting Conditionals

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I seem to be having problems with nesting conditionals. I have followed through the steps in the book, but have come across the following error:
Parse error: syntax error, unexpected 'else' (T_ELSE) in /Applications/MAMP/htdocs/sites/PHPbook/Chapter6/handle_reg.php on line 39

Line 39 relates to the second else statement. What have I done wrong?

if ( is_numeric($_POST['year']) AND (strlen($_POST['year']) == 4) ) {
        if ($_POST['year'] < 2017) {
          $age = 2017 - $_POST['year'];
        } else {
          print '<p class="error">Either you entered your birth year wrong or you come from the future!</p>';
          $okay = false;
    } else {
          print '<p class="error">Please enter the year you were born as four digits.</p>';
          $okay = false;


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As an aside, I always nest braces aligned top with bottom and indented so that you can easily see where they start and end.  It seems that this is not a common approach but I have found it very helpful in complex nesting situations.


For what it's worth...



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