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Not sure that this comment doesn't belong in the Errata rather than the forum. Nevertheless... I've just begun reading PHP Advanced and OOP as part of the Boston PHP Percolate virtual course. Script 1.1, aka sort.php, includes an HTML <link> statement in the <head> to specify the css file as "style.css". I found "style.css" among the downloaded files. However, it resides in the root directory, not in the ch01 directory.


Shouldn't the href parameter of <link> point to "../style.css"


<link rel="stylesheet" href="../style.css">


I assume this correction is required for all scripts (unless you're using different stylesheets).



jeff tash


PS I met you when you presented at the Boston PHP 10th Anniversary meet-up... very much enjoyed your presentation

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Hey Jeff,


Thanks for coming out that night and thanks for the nice words on the presentation. I put the CSS file in the root directory of the downloads because it's used by many of the examples. The downloaded code isn't arranged to be used as is. So it's not an error in the book, it's a matter of if you're going to use my code, you'll need to put the pieces together accordingly, which is something I assume an intermediate PHP developer will know to do.


Thanks for the question, though, and I hope you like the book.

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