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This is just a note to say that I haven't officially created any "Review and Pursue" threads in this forum yet as I didn't know what, exactly, readers would want. So feel free to post your questions as you have them and I'll answer them as they come. In time I may then shuffle things around to create an organized "Review and Pursue" system. Thanks for your interest in the book! 

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I am wondering if you can provide any hints on a "Pursue" question in Chapter 10 (page 336). 

I am struggling to figure out how to change edit_user and delete_user PHP scripts provided to dynamically change to bring the user name into the title bar.


Any information and advice would be greatly appreciated.


Thank you,



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Sure thing! If you work it backward, the title is set in the HTML HEAD, which means it's in the header file. So, due to the way includes work in PHP, the script would need to have the user information prior to including the header.

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