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I think I have 4th edition of the book that has the shopping cart example. I want to learn PHP7 so I was thinking of obtaining the new version of the books. I wanted to know if the old shopping cart example will work? and is it compatible with PHP7?


Also was there any reason for not including the shopping cart example in the 5th edition?


many thanks ..



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Hey Hassan! Thanks for your questions and for your interest in the book. I really appreciate it. The shopping cart example got pulled (unfortunately) due to page counts. There's a hard limit on how many pages the book can be and I had to make a tough decision that it was more critical to have the installation appendix in there over the shopping cart example. (In part b/c my e-commerce book goes through a shopping cart example in way more detail.) 


That aside, there's not that much that's changed in PHP 7, especially in non-OOP terms, so if you already have the 4th edition, I don't think you'll benefit much from getting the 5th (not to lose myself a sale but...). 

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