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SSH is a method for connecting to another computer (via a terminal application). I'm worried that if you're not already comfortable with the terminal and SSH, installing Composer might be too challenging. What is it you're really needing to do?

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Ah, okay. I would start by talking to the server administrator (the company or whomever that provides the server to you). Maybe they can install PhpSpreadsheet for you. Or, if not, you should confirm that Composer is already installed or see if they can install it for you. I would also confirm that you can SSH into the server and, if so, that you can also install Composer or install things with Composer.


My concern is if you're not already SSH-ing into the server, then you may not have actual permissions to do so, let alone to install things on the server. 


Your server admin should have SSH instructions available but if not, a simple Google search turns up resources like: https://www.digitalocean.com/community/tutorials/how-to-use-ssh-to-connect-to-a-remote-server-in-ubuntu

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