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I'm in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. I bought the E-Commerce Book with PHP and MySQL.
My version of PHP 7 and MySQL 5.7.21, I use WampServer 3.13.
I do not know if with the PHP 7 version, I'll be able to follow the book.
But I'm trying. I'm already on page 100.
Before asking informs that I do not intend to create the site to sell some produro, I am only practicing for study and testing site (on my home computer)
I am in doubt about the following:
a) I created the ecommer1 database through phpMyAdmin, I imported the sql.sql file from the ex1 folder;
a) As I use WampServer, the files are in c: \ wamp \ www and I have to custom create a folder indicating the book that refers to the study and looks like this:
c: \ wamp \ www \ studybybook \ bookecommerce \ ex1.
Inside the folder ex1 I will create the other html folders, pdfs and save the file mysql.inc according to the downloaded source files. Then I'll create the
c: \ wamp \ www \ studybybooks \ bookecommerce \ ex2.
Do you have any problems? Can I do it?
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You shouldn't have a problem using the book with PHP 7. And, yes, your process looks fine, you'll just need to configure things appropriately further down the line (e.g., you'll want to create a local URL so that http://ex1 points to  c: \ wamp \ www \ studybybook \ bookecommerce \ ex1). 

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