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Nice to see the new Php book, I bought it in a real book store(believe it or not).     It's great.   But I'm only in chapter 3 and I'm wondering if the bootstrap is optional? -I mean if I don't use it will the finished website have problems? or look ugly? I know what it is and its history. I'd just rather not us it.


I haven't had time to look through the files, but often these pre-designed codes and plug-ins contain links that are censored in many countries. Even if the website is not censored these links cause the website to time-out or be censored.  I work in China and i can't tell you how many perfectly good websites are out reach to me. For example Git-hub is hard to reach and I often just can't access without a VPN which often does not work.  Also anything with an innocuous google link.


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Whohoo! A real book in a bookstore! That's awesome. 


Yes, the bootstrap stuff is completely optional, it just won't look as nice. I only use it b/c it brings a little bit of nice design without any design skills!


Sorry to hear about the problems you're having accessing sites in China! 

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