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Register Just A Regular Ol' Email Address


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Larry, I would like to register my standard (Gmail) address into my profile so that people can send me emails (if they so desire), but when I look at my edit profile page, my only options for contact method seem to be the following:




Website URL






What should I do?


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Well, obviously, I have ultimate "hand" in the design and management of the forum. Obviously. They are my forums and I can do whatever I want. Obviously.


But why don't you think about, for just a minute, how much free time I have to spend to tweak and adjust and research settings and options just to satisfy a particular request of one user. In a forum that I provide for free and that costs me money to operate.


So, yes, if there's a setting I can adjust somewhere that doesn't take too much time, doesn't require hacking the software, and I deem worthwhile, I'll do it, as I previously posted. If this is so important to you, then do the research and provide the solution and I'll consider it, as I previously wrote.

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